The EA Opportunity board is hiring for a part-time director. You can learn more below and apply here

About - EA Opportunity Board


EA Opportunity Board’s mission is to help aspiring effective altruists skill-build and find impactful positions. We regularly monitor and collect a wide range of opportunities, including internships, volunteer opportunities, conferences, independent projects, and more. We complement the 80,000 Hours Job Board, with which we collaborate. Instead of focusing on sourcing full-time positions for experienced professionals, we focus on sourcing opportunities for people new to EA, like students, or others who don’t have the time, resources, or prior experience to take on full-time positions. We want to be the go-to board for people early in their journey of applying effective altruism principles to improve the world.

About the role

As the manager of a product with lots of growth potential, the Director of the EA Opportunity Board will need to be entrepreneurial and strategic. Successful candidates will not only be responsible for the smooth running of the Opportunity Board but will also contribute to product development and creating a long-term vision.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Product Development: Continually improve front end and back end of the opportunity board and connected products
    • Identify areas of improvement for the product by conducting user interviews and creative thinking
    • Prioritize and quickly execute on plans for improving the core product and connecting it with more users
  • People Management: Get the best out of a trained virtual assistant who completes the core operations tasks
    • Setting clear expectations for new tasks you’d like them to do, ensure they complete their work, and provide constructive feedback
  • Operations: Administration of the Opportunity Board
    • Monitor and approve new opportunity adds, newsletters, and integrations executed by a virtual assistant on Airtable system
    • Apply for funding from EA grantmakers
    • Manage payments and app subscriptions
  • Longterm Vision: create plan for growth and strategic direction for Opportunity Board
    • Keep up to date on the EA jobs landscape and early-EA pipeline and understand the role of the EA Opportunity Board

The ideal candidate is...

  • Knowledgeable about EA and the early career opportunity landscape
  • A practical thinker - able to translate vision into actionable items
  • Adept at working independently
  • Able to learn new systems quickly
  • Detail oriented, have exceptional follow through and ability to focus on the most impactful course of action
  • Entrepreneurial and have a desire to execute quickly
  • Able to write concisely and clearly
  • Excited to work in a meaningful and impactful project


Work on a project that…

  • You have a lot of control to steer and iterate on
  • Offers career capital for future EA positions and grants for independent projects
  • Provides experience in leadership, product development and people management
  • Improves the world by helping users find the high-impact opportunities they’re looking for

As a Director, you’ll go beyond just maintenance of a solid project: you’ll shape the future of how aspiring EAs connect with the EA community and kickstart their careers.

Compensation and logistics

We want to identify and attract the most promising candidates and are willing to tailor working conditions based on your needs.

Compensation: $25 USD/ hr, subject to negotiation

Hours: Part-time (estimated at 4-8 hours per week, but could increase depending on the applicant's ambitions)

Work Location: Remote

Start date:  Likely mid-December, but some flexibility. 

Application process

The selection process will consist of an application screening, offline work tests, interviews and a three-day paid work trial.

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, and we encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from underrepresented groups. If you’re uncertain, you should err on the side of applying. Impostor syndrome is rampant in the Effective Altruism Community. **If you have specific needs or circumstances that require accommodation, please contact Michel Justen - current Director of the EA Opportunity Board.

Deadline: We will review applications on an ongoing basis and encourage you to apply early. Applications close - 28 November 2022 23:59 Pacific Standard Time

Please apply here

If you have any questions about the role please do get in touch with me, Michel, at

If you know someone who may be a good fit for the role. please send them this job posting.


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+1, this is an important resource and it'd be good to see it maintained and improved. I encourage whoever takes this on to prioritize setting up a custom domain as the long term home.