Join us for the Stanford Existential Risks Conference (SERC) on April 17-18! 

Apply here! (Rolling applications, due April 9th. Applications should take ~5 minutes)

Speakers include Toby Ord - author of The Precipice, Rose Gottemoeller - Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Stuart Russell, author of Human Compatible and Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach, Paul Christiano - a leading AI safety researcher, and more! Check out for more details on the conference and our list of speakers. 

The SERC is a virtual two-day conference being hosted by SERI (the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative), with the aim of bringing together the academic and professional communities dedicated to mitigating existential and global catastrophic risks — large-scale threats which could permanently curtail humanity’s future potential. 

Topics for the conference include:

  • Risks from advanced artificial intelligence and alignment proposals
  • Engineered/global pandemics and risks from synthetic biology
  • Extreme climate change and solutions (geo-engineering, policy, etc.)
  • Nuclear winter and catastrophic risks from nuclear weapons
  • Governance, regulation, and deployment of transformative technologies
  • Existential risk field-building, education, careers, research + funding opportunities, and more!

Join leading academics for 1:1 networking, exclusive roundtable discussions/panels, talks and Q&As, and more. The conference will offer ample opportunities for potential collaborators, mentors and mentees, funders and grantees, and employers and potential employees to connect with one another.

Applications are open until 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, April 9. Accepted attendees will receive a registration link to the live event at a later date, and will be given to the option to be mailed a free copy of Toby Ord's The Precipice.

The conference is entirely free of charge.

Invite your friends/colleagues!

If you know someone who is a good fit for this event, please invite them here. We're particularly keen to invite faculty, professionals, and students highly motivated to pursue careers mitigating existential risks. You can also share our Facebook event.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the SERI Conference, visit or email

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Is this in-person or virtual? (I haven't clicked on the link yet.)

Edit: I found my answer, but leaving this for others' benefit.

Thanks for the comment, just edited the post. :)

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