I recently published a book of concise passages, mostly absurd, comedic, and self-reportedly insightful. Derived from my one-time hobby of stand-up comedy. Effective altruism and analysis of morality are important to me, so allocated some chapters to the topics. I also put some of the content on a website I built; here are  bits related to morality, veganism, and EA: https://www.urrong.com/?tags%5B%5D=9 

I believe my style of writing makes EA concepts accessible and entertaining to people who haven't heard of it.

My question is: can you think of any ways I can get my writing seen or my voice heard by more people? Is there a podcast or blog that would interview me? Should I guest contribute somewhere? Petition hotels to let me replace their bibles with my book? Any advice is welcome.

The book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FRR76YK 




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What an interesting design for a website! I'm often more interested what someone's written on a certain topic than reading them in the chronological order that most blogs are organized in, so I like the idea of putting tags/categories front and center.

Unfortunately I don't know much about EA & comedy, other than the existence of this Dank EA Memes page of questionable hilarity or utility...

If you live in a big city with an EA / rationalist meetup group, maybe you could ply your trade at a local meetup.