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Given EA Philippines' recent achievements and that we recently received an $89,350 EA Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) grant, we wanted to outline here EA Philippines' broad goals, target outcomes, and main objectives for the next 12 months. 

Most of this is from our EAIF grant application, and our plans and goals can still change. This post is short due to time constraints and to not anchor ourselves too much on specific plans or more detailed metrics.

Broad goals

We want to continue:

  1. recruiting more altruistic students from top universities in the Philippines, as well as recruit more professionals into our community
  2. increasing the understanding of EA of our members, as well as their engagement with EA and with EA Philippines. (Most of our active members are students in our student chapters.)
  3. Helping our members have more EA-aligned careers, such as
    1. working on local priority causes like local farm animal welfare, local health and development, or local mental health, or
    2. helping them to work remotely (i.e. as a virtual assistant or contractor) or abroad for foreign EA-aligned jobs, such as for the causes of longtermism or EA meta.

These goals are in line with CEA’s strategy of creating and retaining more highly engaged EAs, especially through reaching talented students and young professionals. Funding and supporting EA Philippines is also in line with CEA’s interest in increasing the diversity of the EA movement. EA Philippines is now one of the largest EA groups, if not the largest group, in a low- or middle-income country.

Target outcomes

Here are our tentatively set high-level outcomes for the next 12 months:

  1. Create at least 6 new highly-engaged EAs (as defined by CEA here)
  2. Get at least an additional 9 people to reach category 4 of EA engagement, based on CEA's community building grant program's EA engagement categories (as defined here)
  3. Get at least an additional 20 people to reach category 3 of EA engagement (100 hours learning about EA + medium EA action)
  4. Get at least an additional 40 people to reach category 2 of EA engagement (50 hrs learning about EA + small EA action)

Main objectives / focus areas

Here are some of our main objectives that we will do (or focus areas to work on) to achieve those high-level outcomes, and who will mainly work on achieving it (in parentheses):

  1. Onboard Elmer Cuevas and Red Bermejo well for them to effectively lead and manage EA Philippines (led by Brian)
  2. Help our student chapters (EA Blue, UPD, and Taft) run impactful and high-quality programs, such as intro fellowships, in-depth fellowships, career planning programs, and cause-specific fellowships/discussion groups that recruit or retain engaged or highly engaged EAs (led by Red, with help from Elmer and Brian).
  3. Run events, 1-1’s, or discussions geared towards professionals (led by Elmer & Tanya)
  4. Create and maintain resources, such as our job board and newsletter, to help people learn more about EA, and relevant events and job opportunities (led by Red, Janai, and Tanya)
  5. Have Elmer and Red do more 1-1’s effectively, mostly on career advising (probably to be trained more by Brian).

We will also likely do a bit of work to advise and support the work of projects/organizations we helped incubate, such as Animal Empathy Philippines, Makaisda, and our mental health charity ideas research.

Have feedback?

If you have any feedback or questions about our target outcomes and main objectives, feel free to comment them below! I'd love to see other EA groups post more about their strategy too, such as about their target outcomes and plans. You can also email feedback to us at team@effectivealtruism.ph.

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