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I recently joined the Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE). They have decided to invite groups interested in metascience (specifically open and replicable science) to create a space on their forum. I think a few EAs are interested in aspects of improving the scientific process, and wonder if anybody would be interested in creating an EA space there?

I wouldn't suggest that this replace the EA forum in anyway, but could act as space where EAs interested in this area could engage with non-EAs who have similar (metascience) interests.

‘Included in this change is the creation of the category “Organisations”. In this category will you find all organisations that have chosen to have their own space on the forum. We welcome all academic and scientific organisations, in particular organisations that are part of the moment for open and replicable science in some way, to have their own space here on the forum for your internal discussions. This space can be used instead of e.g. Slack or email groups. Email me ( for inquiries on setting up your own space.’

The forum requires registration to view.




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