My opinions, please comment with feedback and critiques. By "improvements," I mean "make the world a better place," which sometimes requires  more time investment. Not a comprehensive list, not sorted by importance.

  1. React to Slack messages.
    1. Takes 2 or 3 seconds, shows you read the message (or appreciated it, or did the task, etc), builds a sense of community.
  2. Provide copy+pasteable marketing when sharing opportunities with other organizers.
    1. Saves loads of time if you expect people to advertise for you.
  3. Email departmental advisors to share relevant EA opportunities.
    1. And other people with large mailing lists (e.g. honors programs, career centers). Easy way to reach a lot of people. You can advertise opportunities that your group doesn't organize, like Effective Thesis.
    2. This is an excellent way to advertise fellowships (but be cautious about mass outreach if you're a new group).
    3. Follow-up once or twice if they don't respond, since they might not have seen your email.
  4. Share your knowledge and resources with organizers for other groups.
    1. Via Google docs, Slack messages, and forum posts especially, as these reach many people without much time investment. 1:1 meetings allow you to provide much more context and details (but these only reach 1 person at a time).
    2. To connect with new people, see "Connecting With CEA and Other Organisers" from the EA Groups Resource Center.
    3. Encourage feedback (Google Docs comments make this easy).
    4. I expect that plenty of organizers don't know about time-saving resources that already exist, like the EA Groups Team Canva.
    5. There should be comprehensive lists with all useful resources on a given topic. Currently there are non-comprehensive lists containing only some of the useful resources.
  5. Recurring meeting(s) with organizers for your group.
    1. Reduces time spent on random messages like "hey, can you send out an email for our event tonight?" Creates an incentive to help the group, because people can report what they did and feel appreciated. But be judicious in scheduling meetings to avoid using tons of collective organizer time.
  6. Use bold in communications for readability.
  7. Add a #humor channel to your group's Slack.
  8. What else?




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