In our latest piece for Asimov Press, Robert Yaman, CEO of Innovate Animal Ag, dives into three pre-hatch technologies that can make poultry supply chains more humane. These solutions–in-ovo sexing, on-farm hatching, and in-ovo vaccination- have an incredible synergy. But what is more, is that they could save ~7 billion male chicks from needless death each year. 

"With all three of these technologies, the hatcheries of the future will conduct all handling and processing before the chick becomes aware of what’s happening to it, and the first moments of each chick's life will be substantially safer and less stressful. This is by no means the last welfare challenge the chicks will experience over their lives, but the improvements to the first days of life will be immense."

Check out the full article here:
You can also look into more of Robert Yaman's work with Innovate Animal Ag here:

(They are hiring for some pretty amazing roles)




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