Seems relevant for anyone who's coordinating on projects with other people who have different resources & worldviews.

It's a bit hard to excerpt; here's part of the conclusion:

Sometimes stag hunts are worth it.
I'd like people in my social network to be aware that sometimes, it's really important for everyone to adopt a new norm, or for everyone to throw themselves 100% into something, or for a whole lot of person-hours to get thrown into a project.
When discussing whether to embark on a stag hunt, it's useful to have shorthand to communicate why you might ever want to put a lot of effort into a concerted, coordinated effort. And then you can discuss the tradeoffs seriously.
I have more to say about what sort of stag hunts seem do-able. But for this post I want to focus primarily on the fact that...
The schelling option is Rabbit
Some communities have established particular norms favoring 'stag'. But in modern, atomic, Western society you should probably not assume this as a default. If you want people to choose stag, you need to spend special effort building common knowledge that Big Project X matters, and is worthwhile to pursue, and get everyone on board with it.

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