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Join us for #WorldMalariaDay2023 on the 25th of April! The event starts on the 25th April at 5pm London / 12pm NYC / 9am San Fransisco / 2am (26th April) Sydney

We're lucky enough to be doing a Q&A with: 

  • Rob Mather, Founder and CEO of the Against Malaria Foundation 
  • Olusola Oresanya, Senior Country Technical Coordinator, Nigeria at Malaria Consortium 
  • Christian Rassi, SMC Programme Director at Malaria Consortium 

We'll be covering the amazing work of the Against Malaria Foundation and Malaria Consortium, and asking them some of your questions! 

Donate to our campaign to join us in the fight against malaria

If you're in New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany or Switzerland you can donate via one of our campaign partners!

Learn more about our campaign and find resources 

Check out the Against Malaria Foundation

Discover more about Malaria Consortium




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