The Free Press is holding a contest for 9th-12th graders to write about "a problem facing American society".

This sounds like a good opportunity for young (American?) EAs to practice writing about important causes and perhaps even publish. 

I'd expect The Free Press to give unusual ideas a fair hearing; they "focus on stories that are ignored or misconstrued in the service of an ideological narrative".


Tell our readers about a problem facing American society—and, more importantly, how you would fix it. The problem could be technological, cultural, political, or social in nature, or something else entirely. But we are especially interested in problems facing young Americans that older generations have misunderstood, missed, or maybe even created. In 2,000 words or fewer, please illuminate the problem and how your generation might break out of it.




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Hi Tae!


This should absolutely be in EA Forum's Digest to reach more forum members.

I don't have contacts in the USA and neither on the EA community as I'm not involved in any association, fund or community. If I had I would share this post with them.

Some EA's are in the USA or are connected to it and some in that demographic should have kids that could be interested in writing an essay. EA's could and should for the good of the EA causa share this ideia with fellow-minded individuals in the EA community and outside of it. Your idea is really an untaped opportunity!

Thank you for your brilliant idea👍 Have a good day!

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