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What can we learn from biological and social systems about designing beneficial AI systems?

We are pleased to introduce the PIBBSS summer research fellowship

Principles of Intelligent Behavior in Biological and Social Systems (PIBBSS) aims to facilitate knowledge transfer with the goal of building human-aligned AI systems.

In Summer 2022, the PIBBSS fellowship will bring together researchers from fields studying complex and intelligent behavior in natural and social systems, such as  :

  • Evolutionary biology
  • Ecology
  • Cognitive science
  • Neuroscience
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • Political economy
  • Legal theory
  • Statistical mechanics
  • Media studies
  • And more.

Over the course of 10-12 weeks, fellows will work on a project at the intersection of their own field and AI safety, under the mentorship of experienced AI alignment researchers. 

For a more extensive introduction, see Introducing the Principles of Intelligent Behaviour in Biological and Social Systems (PIBBSS) Fellowship and visit our website

The program is organized in partnership with the Swiss Existential Risk Initiative, the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative, and the Center for Theoretical Study at Charles University. We are generously supported by a grant from the Long-Term Future Fund. 

We’d be grateful if you could help us pass on the word to people who might be interested in applying.

  • Application deadline: Jan 16th, 2022
  • Learn more and apply here.
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PIBBSS Summer Research Fellowship -- Q&A event

  • What? Q&A session with the fellowship organizers about the program and application process. You can submit your questions here.
  • For whom? For everyone curious about the fellowship and for those uncertain whether they should apply.
  • When? Wednesday 12th January, 7 pm GMT
  • Where? On Google Meet, add to your calendar
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