The Life You Can Save's Annual Report describes our work and impact in 2017 and our plans for the future. The full report is available here.  Highlights from the Executive Summary are below:

  • We moved over $3.6 million to our Recommended Nonprofits (RNPs) in 2017, while spending less than $300,000 on our operating expenses. This means that for every $1 we spent, we raised about $13 for our RNPs.

  • Our most important metrics continued to grow, though at slower rates than in previous years. Total Money Moved was up 33% relative to 2016, while Net Impact (Money Moved net of expenses) increased by 38%.

  • We are still much smaller than we want to be, and money for staff, marketing, and programs is the primary constraint.

  • Going forward, we’ll devote a much larger share of resources (particularly senior management time) toward partnership development and high-net-worth fundraising, which we expect to become major sources of growth. We made some progress in these areas in 2017, but we are significantly under capacity.


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