Rob Mather from the Against Malaria Foundation (one of Giving What We Can/GiveWell's top charities) has kindly offered to take some time to chat to supporters over Skype. The format will be a Skype conversation of around 1-2 hours, where participants will have the opportunity to ask Rob questions and discuss ideas relating to AMF's work and related topics (e.g. the process of starting an effective charity, challenges AMF has faced, next steps etc).

The conversation is scheduled for Thursday July 2nd, at 5:30PM/1730 London time (see this page to find your local time).

If you would like to take part, please get in touch with me (Sam) at Giving What We Can (sam [dot] deere [at] Spaces are very limited, so please get in touch ASAP to secure a spot!

If you can't make it along, but would still like to ask a question, please also feel free to submit it to me by email (as above) or post it as a comment below.



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Hi Sam,

I'd like to know how Rob Mather thinks AMF could increase their impact and if so, by how much, e.g. more specifically, what kind of person they'd need to work for them to achieve this.

Thanks for this Denise — would you like to discuss this in person? If so, happy to add you to the Skype.