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Applications for the first-ever EA Student Summit are now open! 

To be eligible for our individual mentorship program, please apply by September 20th and complete your registration by September 27th.

In addition to content targeted at students, the agenda will feature talks on the latest thinking in effective altruism. 

If you’re not a student, but you’re still excited about providing advice and mentorship to newer members of the community, please apply too. We're looking for mentors in all career areas to be matched with students of similar interests. We expect student interest and the need for mentorship to be especially high in priority paths

>>> APPLY NOW <<<

For students, this event will be an opportunity to:

  • connect with analytical and altruistic people around the world
  • deepen your understanding of EA principles and cause areas
  • develop your future career plans
  • learn valuable skills
  • identify actions you can take right now to improve the world

New to effective altruism?

This event is aimed at students who have some experience with the ideas of effective altruism. However, we’d love to welcome you even if you are newer to the ideas! We have created a syllabus of materials that we recommend you read before you apply, as they will help you think about questions in the application and prepare you for the event.

We look forward to receiving your application!




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