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Job listing (closed)GiveWell

From their blog post:

We’re resuming hiring to expand our ability to identify outstanding giving opportunities. Filling the roles below would make a substantial difference to our research.

If you follow GiveWell and want to help us out, please share this post with anyone whom you think might be a good fit for the jobs listed below.

  •     Research Analyst. Research Analysts are GiveWell’s primary staff and work on all parts of our research process. We hope to add a few entry-level research analysts this year, and are open to hiring individuals later in their career.
  •     Summer Research Analyst. We offer summer positions to students entering their final year of undergraduate or graduate school with the hopes that they will become full-time employees following graduation.
  •     Outreach Associate. Outreach Associate is a new position we’re hiring for. The role will have some overlap with that of a Research Analyst, but has a particular focus on outreach and communication with donors.
  •     Conversation Notes Writer. Conversation notes are a key part of our research process. Conversation Notes Writers listen to conversations conducted by GiveWell staff and produce summaries. This position is flexible: it can be done from anywhere in the world at any time of day, but we ask for people who can commit at least 10 hours per week. We are currently looking to find 1-2 additional Conversation Notes Writers.


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