The new Animal Charity Evaluators recommendations are out

by Tom_Ash1st Dec 20146 comments



On the same day as the new GiveWell recommendations, the new Animal Charity Evaluators recommendations are out. What are everyone's thoughts on them? I'd be interested to hear from people who are planning to give to them, or have used ACE's research in the past.

The Humane League and Mercy for Animals remain on the list, and are joined by Animal Equality. Like GiveWell, ACE has added a second tier of "standout charities" (they recently discussed the pros & cons of doing so on their blog). This list contains the Humane Society of the United States’ Farm Animal Protection Campaign, Farm Animal Rights Movement, Vegan Outreach, and the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. They have detailed reviews of each of these organisations.

ACE have set a target of $150,000 in donations for their top three charities, but think that they could use about $1,070,000 in funding this year. So it looks like there's no shortage of room for more funding in the animal rights movement!

It's worth thanking ACE for the great research work that they do. They need donations themselves to keep doing that work, and a generous donor has offered to match donations to them until December 5th.

Here is a summary of the top charities, taken from ACE's in depth reports:

ACE's top charities

Animal Equality

"Animal Equality advocates for animals by conducting undercover investigations and promoting them through media outlets. They also conduct grassroots outreach, including demonstrations, protests, leafleting, and video showings. Related to their undercover investigations, they also conduct some legal and corporate outreach efforts.

"Animal Equality has branches in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and India. We think their model of employing local activists to lead offices while coordinating actions internationally amplifies their effectiveness both by allowing them to present materials to more people and by directing resources to locations where they can be particularly effective."

The Humane League

"The Humane League (THL) works to reduce suffering of farm animals through conducting online advertising, organizing grassroots outreach, instigating cage-free and Meatless Monday campaigns, giving presentations, and engaging in corporate outreach. THL shows exceptional strength in their desire to test for effectiveness, as evidenced by their efforts with Humane League Labs, a program designed to evaluate advocacy presentation and methods. They also use the evidence they find to guide their efforts.

"THL employs a local model. We find their approach of continually adding local offices an intriguing method to increase their presence and impact, as they claim their new offices are self-sustaining in fundraising within two years of opening."

Mercy For Animals

"Mercy for Animals (MFA) advocates for farm animals by conducting undercover investigations, engaging in corporate and legal outreach, running online vegetarian ads, and organizing grassroots outreach events. In particular, their undercover investigations show promise through the multi-faceted positive benefits stemming from their publication and sharing. MFA’s professional presentation increases the likelihood of their success in all areas, and they test different arrangements of their materials to maximize impact. They show a willingness to change based on new evidence, and are continually refining their strategic approach in accordance with what seems most successful and cost-effective. We are proud to recognize MFA as one of our top charities.

"MFA is working to centralize their efforts, reducing the number of offices they have around the country and instead focusing more on investigations and online advocacy. Given their success and increased presence in advocacy, this move makes sense to us as a way to minimize costs and maximize impact."

How to donate

The Humane League and Mercy For Animals are tax-deductible in the US, and you can claim GiftAid when giving to Animal Equality in the UK. ACE recommends that people donating to effective animal charities register their donations on the EA Donation Registry, which also lets you report the influence of their research.