Animal Charity Evaluators is currently running a donation drive for ACE Movement Grants, a fund that aims to support making the movement as a whole more effective. An anonymous donor is matching all donations up to $300k through Nov 9. (This is a non-illusory match per ACE’s marketing policy.)

ACE’s Movement Grants fund exists because the resilience of our credence in which interventions are most effective in animal advocacy is relatively low. While we still believe that our Recommended Charity Fund is likely to be the most effective way to help animals, when the resilience of that belief is low, the moral value of a hits based approach is high.

By funding a wide range of interventions, this fund aims to build relationships and increase resilience in the animal advocacy movement. The fund covers wild animals, fishes, neglected advocacy regions, and more. 

For more about ACE Movement Grants on the EA Forum, see the summer 2020 recipients, updates from our 2019 grantees, and why we named them movement grants.

If, like me, you believe that ACE Movement Grants represent a neglected niche in effective animal advocacy, please consider making a matched donation by Nov 9.




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This is a non-illusory match per ACE’s marketing policy.

In some sense, yes, but we also don't know what that donor would do with their money otherwise. Maybe they'll donate it to another EAA charity anyway.

Double Up Drive actually commits the funds to a group of charities, and you can estimate how much you're moving away from other charities towards your preferred one(s).

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