The linked review post summarizes my work in moral philosophy from the past year, with an emphasis on my substack posts.  Some of these (e.g. beneficentrism, puzzles for everyone, and the Nietzschean challenge to EA) have already been cross-posted to this forum. But most haven't, and many forum readers might also find some of these others of interest, e.g.:

  • My Effective Altruism FAQ - what I wish everyone knew about EA
  • Theses on Mattering - addressing common misconceptions about what it takes to truly value people equally
  • A New Paradox of Deontology - how only consequentialism combines normative authority, guidance, and adequate concern for rescuable victims
  • Deontic Pluralism - How to reconcile Maximizing, Satisficing, and Scalar Consequentialisms
  • Consequentialism Beyond Action - and why we need two dimensions of moral evaluation: the fitting and the fortunate. (Too many consequentialists neglect the former!)
  • Ethical Theory and Practice - stipulated thought experiments are not a good guide to how to behave in real life, with its ineliminable uncertainties. As a result, it turns out that utilitarianism and moderate deontology are surprisingly difficult to differentiate in terms of their real-world implications.

(There are a bunch more links in the full review post, but I'd rather keep this one shorter to minimize annoyance for those who aren't so interested!)




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