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I'm Annabel - I’ve been marketing in the for-profit world for the past couple of years and working on some EA marketing contracts along the way, most recently EAGxAustralia.

I’m interested in pursuing EA marketing work more seriously, so I'm offering free strategy calls to learn about our community's bottlenecks and help reduce them at least a little bit in the process.

If you do marketing or community building in the effective altruism movement, I'd love to learn about your organisation’s marketing goals, priorities, and growth challenges you're facing. It'd be excellent to hear from you and dig deeper than what's on the EA Forum. Feel free to book a chat.

How I Can Help

There are already some helpful resources on marketing on this forum and the EA Groups resource hub


You may be interested in actually talking through your specific needs and goals in detail. I can help by jumping on a call with you 1:1 and facilitating a discussion tailored to your situation.


Help Prioritise & Clarify Your Marketing Goals

Let’s say for example, your goal is to enrol 50 new people into your program this quarter and grow your newsletter, but you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by choices- “Should we run more events locally or should we try online ads? Or perhaps do more 1:1s? Would time be better spent improving our Facebook page or newsletter content?”


I can help you prioritise and make a plan in cases like this. On the other hand, if you still need to clarify your goals, we can use the call to strategically define your priorities.


Direct Assistance, Referrals, And Resources To Help You Execute

Maybe you already have a pretty solid marketing plan, but think “If only we had more time, we'd also do X (segmentation, CRO, organic social, whatever it may be) to help us grow even more.”


If you need expertise behind you and it aligns with my strengths or connections, I may offer my direct assistance or refer you to an expert. Depending on what you need, assistance on offer may be paid. But if you want to DIY it, I can share resources to help reduce the learning curve time.


Regardless of where you sit, my goal is for you to walk away from our chat with at least one takeaway to help you grow with confidence.


You can book a call with me here:



Although I do have an interest in developing a paid service down the line, this initial strategy call is free and designed to be workshop-like: Share some background info on your org, we’ll spend some time defining priorities/a plan, and I’ll offer help & resources where appropriate.


If you book a call, I’ll block out up to an hour for you and you can take advantage of as much or as little of that hour as you’d like. I’d expect most calls to go for 30min - 1hr :)


I look forward to chatting with some of you!





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