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Grant Overview

ACE’s Effective Animal Advocacy Fund (EAA Fund) is for anyone who is interested in making the animal advocacy movement more effective. ACE launched the EAA Fund in late 2018 for three main reasons:

  • We believe that a broad, pluralistic animal advocacy movement is more likely to be resilient—and hence more impactful—than a narrow, monistic animal advocacy movement.
  • There is limited available evidence supporting the effectiveness of any given intervention, and we think that the movement can increase its chances of success by continuing to fund a wide range of interventions.
  • We think that building relationships with a larger group of advocates and charities will make our own work more effective by providing us with new information to consider and new groups with which to collaborate.

Grants from ACE’s EAA Fund will be distributed to a number of promising charities around the world. Some of the funds may also be distributed to our recommended charities. The grant decisions will be determined by a review committee consisting of several ACE team members.


We are more likely to fund:

  • Newer and/or younger organizations with high potential
  • Projects focused on farmed animals
  • Projects focused on advancing wild animal welfare (For our views on wild animal welfare, see our page on cause priorities.)
  • Projects such as those funded in our first round and second round of grants
  • Projects in regions where the animal advocacy movement is less well-established, such as areas outside of North America and Western Europe

We are less likely to fund:

  • Larger, well-funded organizations
  • Projects focused solely on companion animals, animal testing, animals in entertainment, or projects focused on rescuing and rehabilitating animals
  • Direct care for animals (For our views on the value of sanctuaries, see our blog post on the topic.)
  • Projects focused solely on species conservation or projects prioritizing ecosystems over the wellbeing of individual animals (For our views on effectively helping wild animals, see our page on cause priorities.)
  • Well funded approaches such as leafleting and other individual outreach
  • Approaches that are already being pursued by our Top Charities
  • Grants exceeding $100,000

We are not able to fund:

How to Apply

Apply by submitting your online application by 11:59pm PST on February 27, 2020.

Please do not wait until the last minute to apply, as we will not be able to assist if you encounter technical difficulties. Additionally, we recommend that you draft your application responses in another document first, and not directly on the online application form. This will prevent you from losing your work if the form does not submit properly.

If you have any questions or experience issues with the form, please contact our EAA Fund Program Officer, Marianne van der Werf.

Process After Applying

  • Starting in March, the review committee will evaluate the applications and decide which ones will continue to the second stage.
  • Applicants in the second stage will be requested to provide backup documentation for our due diligence process.1
  • Based on the backup information, the review committee and ACE’s board members will make final decisions. When the grantees have been notified of their successful application, the grantees and the EAA Fund Program Officer will set goals for the grant and grantees will be asked to sign a grant agreement. Around four months after the grant has been disbursed, ACE will check in with the grantees via a questionnaire.

Support and Guidance

The EAA Fund receives a large number of applications from organizations located outside of the United States, and we recognize that English is a second language for many of them. If any part of the application process is unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to our EAA Fund Program Officer, Marianne van der Werf.

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