We’re missing EA Global Community meetings. I’ve agreed to start it with a beautiful format (see below).

 Our focus is on  how education can play a much-needed role in bettering the world through facilitating students to transform the world starting from within and to translate this knowledge of intrinsic learning into an actual school setting and promoting discussion on current and future Effective Altruism issues, and for participants to establish contacts with others with similar interests - wherever in the world they may live. The issues may be at the application or societal level.

 There will be participants from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. (So, the global feature is important). We’ll have vibrant discussions on the go (Climate Change, Global Priorities, AI alignment), each lasting more than 1½ hours. With more people, we’ll have many more issues to discuss.


There will be several breakout rooms, hosted by those of you with a particular issue that you want to discuss. Participants will be free to move from one breakout room to another – or back to the main session which will have open discussion.

Meetings will start with introductions in the main session. Participants will briefly introduce themselves, and hosts will introduce their issues. Then the breakout rooms will be opened.

Latecomers are welcome but may have to wait a little longer in the waiting room.

Hosts may choose to record their discussions, and the recordings will be available for any participant (including those who were not in their breakout room).

I need help with brainstorming more formats that are very interesting. Any one interested DM.


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