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by Jamie_Harris1 min read6th Jul 20202 comments


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Since we launched, Animal Advocacy Careers has been conducting some initial research, providing management and leadership training for employees of high-impact nonprofits, and preparing our public-facing content.

We’re pleased to announce that we have now published our careers advice page.

This includes three skills profiles. These profiles summarise information about areas of expertise or career paths that might be an option for you to explore if you are interested in maximising your positive impact for animals. They contain information such as:

  • How does this work help animals
  • Who is this work a good fit for
  • How much do we need more expertise in this area
  • What options would you have if you were to leave this path
  • How to prepare for work in this area

The skills profiles we have created so far, accessible via the careers advice page, are:

  • Management and leadership
  • Growing the animal advocacy community in countries where it is small or new
  • Fundraising

To supplement these skills profiles, we also created the following two documents:

We have also launched our one-to-one careers advice service; over the next few weeks we will begin contacting those who have expressed interest in this service (via our careers advice page) to invite them to apply.

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