Faunalytics’ eighth Fundamental looks at the vast world of invertebrates — a category of animals that includes everyone from fruit flies to octopi — explores just how much we don’t know about them, and why it's vital for us to advocate for them. 

The Invertebrate Fundamentals consists of a series of data-driven infographics, and looks at a range of issues that the Faunalytics team feels are the most salient for advocates to consider. In this resource, advocates will find:

  • A broad discussion of different categories of invertebrates, with quick facts on pollinators, arachnids, and invertebrates from the land and sea.
  • Public opinion on invertebrates, including a brief overview of the debate over their sentience.
  • A deep dive into the world of pollinators, threats to extinction, and their importance in a global ecosystem.
  • A closer look at the variety of land and aquatic invertebrates, how they live, and threats they face.
  • A look at the use of invertebrates in laboratory research.
  • A look at entomophagy (the practice of insect eating), as well as their farming on a mass scale.

Please view the Invertebrate Fundamentals for the full details.