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Rethink Priorities (RP) aims to have an impact by helping others to increase their impact. We figured the best people to speak about our work are the people who directly engage with it. So, we’re holding a virtual Town Hall on August 10. 

As a community driven by impact, we invite you to join us for this interactive event. You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from decision-makers about how they use our research. 

What can you expect?

  • Honest and nuanced conversations about RP’s strengths, weaknesses, and ways in which we can grow our impact
  • Engaging interviews with grant-makers whose choices have been influenced by RP’s research
  • Candid conversations with RP donors about their thoughts and perspectives on our work
  • Insightful exchanges with current and former staff members, highlighting interesting projects they've done at RP and what they're doing now
  • Details on why unrestricted funding is so vital to some of our best work and our current funding gaps
  • An open Q&A segment to address any outstanding questions, concerns, or thoughts you might have about our work
  • Speakers from Open Philanthropy and 80,000 Hours, individual donors, and researchers who use our work


The event will occur on Thursday, August 10, at 7:00 pm UTC time (12 pm PT/3 pm ET/9 pm CEST) and will run for approximately 75 minutes.

Please register here to get the Zoom link. 

About us

Rethink Priorities is a research and implementation group that works with foundations and impact-focused non-profits to identify pressing opportunities to make the world better, figures out strategies for working on those problems, and does that work. 

If you are interested in RP’s work, please visit our research database and subscribe to our newsletter.




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This is really cool! Thanks for being so transparent and accessible :)

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