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We're thrilled to share some exciting updates from Prague Fall Season 2023! As we eagerly prepare to welcome our 30 Epistea Residents, we're equally delighted to announce an opportunity for other passionate individuals to join us. Fixed Point in Prague is ready to host short-term visitors during the Prague Fall Season, and applications are now open!

What is the Prague Fall Season?

Prague Fall Season 2023 (more detailed info here) is a unique convergence of the EA/Rationality community in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. This season offers an exciting lineup of global EA/Rationality events, workshops, and seminars, creating a fruitful setting for collaboration and innovation. Our co-working space in Prague (Fixed Point) serves as a productive workspace and a hub for meaningful connections. Prague's rich history, affordability, and distinctive charm make it an inspiring backdrop for intellectual exploration. Be part of the Prague Fall Season if you're seeking an extended stay with like-minded individuals, a taste of a different culture, a peek into Czech EA/Rationality, a chance to work on local projects, or simply an opportunity to experience life and work in Prague. 

Join Us as a Short-Term Visitor

Fixed Point is open to hosting short-term visitors during Prague Fall Season 2023. Whether you're a curious explorer, a budding researcher, or simply passionate about our focus areas, we invite you to apply.

How to Apply

If you're interested in joining us as a short-term visitor, please apply here, and share a bit about yourself and your interests. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis. We currently do not have discretionary funding to support your visit financially, but we are happy to host you at Fixed Point for a limited time.

Support Us

We're also actively seeking support to ensure the success of Prague Fall Season 2023. If you are interested in financially supporting this project or offering assistance in other ways, please reach out to us at info@praguefallseason.com. 





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Links to the application form don't seem to work?

Fixed, thank you!

What is the maximum length of a Short-Term Visit? (Edit: the form indicates 10 or less days as I recalled. It might be good to add that to the post or at least confirm it here that the max is 10 days, for travel planning purposes.)

There is no maximum (only limitation is the end of PFS - Dec 15). We fixed that in the form, thank you for noticing!

Is the list of events in this season published anywhere? The website doesn't state them: https://praguefallseason.com/#events

Hey there! Sounds like a great opportunity! Is there an event calendar available? :)

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