An 80,000 Hours career guide written in 2018 discussed a long-term need for many more people in the effective altruism community with knowledge of China. At the same time, the authors noted the potential risks of trying to build a broad-based effective altruism community in China.

Since the publication of that guide, the group of people pursuing impactful careers at the intersection of China and global priorities has grown. This has helped to support the translation of some important publications, including Human CompatibleAI新生》and The Precipice 危崖 into Chinese. 

While it still seems wise to avoid broad-based, low-fidelity outreach, there are some folks planning to build on these initial steps with further translations and other outreach programs in a thoughtful and culturally appropriate way. If you are interested in contributing to China-related outreach and would like to better understand the landscape of existing efforts, you can get in touch with them via this form.

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