The PM made clear that AI is the defining technology of our time, with the potential to positively transform humanity.

But the success of this technology is founded on having the right guardrails in place, so that the public can have confidence that AI is used in a safe and responsible way. The PM set out how the approach to AI regulation will need to keep pace with the fast-moving advances in this technology. That is why the UK Government has deliberately adopted an agile response to unlock the opportunities whilst mitigating the risks of the technology, as outlined in our AI White Paper.

The PM and CEOs discussed the risks of the technology, ranging from disinformation and national security, to existential threats. They discussed safety measures, voluntary actions that labs are considering to manage the risks, and the possible avenues for international collaboration on AI safety and regulation. The lab leaders agreed to work with the UK Government to ensure our approach responds to the speed of innovations in this technology both in the UK and around the globe.




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I would suggest that this post probably shouldn't have quotation marks in the title. It makes it look like there is a quote from Sunak that includes the phrase "existential threats", but that isn't the case.

Excellent to see the U.K. take a leading role in this, and seeing the political narrative finally shift from just climate change and occasionally sprinkles of pandemics and nuclear war, to all kinds of X risk.

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