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The AI Safety Nudge Competition aims to encourage people to do things related to AI Safety today instead of procrastinating it into the future by allowing them to enter into a draw if they complete the goal that they set for themselves.


Participants defined a specific goal for themselves, examples include:

• Finish reading Superintelligence

• Finish writing up a relevant blog post

• Organize a local dinner for people interested in AI Safety


If they completed the goal they set out for themselves, they were entered into the draw:

• ten prizes of $100

• two prizes of $100 specifically for Australia and New Zealand


The 10 winners of the prize draw:

Jim Vine

Lili Emery

Varsha Raghavan

Brayden McLean

Ashwin Mahadevan

Aishwarya Gurung

Philippe Rivet

Peter Chatain

Jacek Karwowski 

Matthew Chiu


The 2 winners of the prize draw specifically for AU/NZ applicants:

Hannah Betts

Lachlyn Keiller


Congratulations to the winners and to everybody that committed to finishing their AI Safety projects this October!





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