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Global basic education as a missing cause priority

by lucy.ea8 4mo8th Aug 20191 min read15 comments


Why is basic education for everyone in the world (12 years/high school equivalent in usa) not a cause priority for EA?

One of the pillars that EA community works on is "Global Health and Development" while there are multiple definitions of development I read it as "Global Health and Economic Development" this is reflected in Give Wells recommendations with roughly 90% going to health interventions and 10% going to Give Directly (poverty alleviation/economic development).

Why is Global basic education not a cause priority? Both for its own sake and for its positive effects on health and wealth.

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GiveWell wrote about education in developing countries here. Also, Giving What We Can wrote about education in a more accessible manner here. However, Giving What We Can's report is from 2013 and may be outdated.