Million dollar donation: penny for your thoughts?

by Huwelium1 min read16th Jun 202023 comments



Two anonymous donors approached me about two years ago for donation recommendations. The donors' intent is to donate 1 million Canadian dollars starting in 2021, probably donating 200k per year for five years. The donors are particularly interested in helping people in Sub-Saharan Africa. They also have a special interest in education but are open to considering other types of interventions.

I have been working on this project for the past two years with help from members of the Québec Effective Altruism community.

At this stage, I have produced a report (see link to Google Doc below) with an overview of our work and recommendations to the donors. Prior to presenting them with this report, I would welcome your feedback! In particular, I would be interested in your thoughts on:

-Which of the charities selected as potential recommendations (Section 2.3, Table 1 of the report) do you think best correspond to the donors' mandate (see Mandate section)?

-Are there other charities or organizations that we may have missed that you think would better correspond to the donors' mandate?

-Do you have any suggestions for publicizing this report so that it can help other people trying to advise donors?

Also, feel free to add any other comments directly in the Google Doc, and to make any other suggestions. I would also be open to setting up a meeting with people interested in discussing this further.

Link to report: