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As you may know, Animal Charity Evaluators is currently seeking applications for a researcher position. We’ve already received some great responses, and will continue to accept new applications through the end of the month.

However, we’ve historically received high quality applicants from referrals, and especially from the EA community, so we’re taking an extra step to accentuate the importance of thinking about possible candidates from your own personal network. To that end, we’re excited to offer a $1,000 donation to the animal charity of your choice if you refer a candidate to us that we otherwise didn’t know about but end up hiring for the position.

Please take the time to think if anyone in your network is a good fit for this position. We’re looking forward to taking our evaluative work to the next level, and appreciate your support in helping us find the best possible candidate.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me anytime!




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Does ACE place to run any more original studies life the leafletting-effectiveness study collaboration? Would that be what researchers potentially do?

ACE does not have immediate plans of running more original studies; while more research of that type is definitely needed, we're currently focusing our efforts in that direction on encouraging other people to do it. Academic researchers and animal advocacy groups which perform the intervention under consideration as part of their usual activities seem to be better placed do do this type of study than ACE is, especially if both groups can work together. With more research staff, there's a possibility that we would again take on this kind of work, but it's not our first priority for what a new researcher would do.

We would expect a new researcher at least initially to do most of their work on the kinds of things I've been spending most of my time on, which are more reading/interviewing/writing based. There are more details available from the links above, and the specifics would depend on the candidate and their skills and interests, but working on our charity and intervention evaluations would probably be a major part of the job.

more research of that type is definitely needed, we're currently focusing our efforts in that direction on encouraging other people to do it.

Roughly how many resources (person days) have you put into this, and how many do you plan to?

This is a very rough estimate, because we almost never put entire days into this kind of work, and because the boundaries between it and other work we do aren't clear - I'm not sure what things to count, in some cases. But I would guess on the order of 10 person-days last year, and hoping to slightly increase the amount of time we spend on it in the future. We don't have total control over how much time we spend on this, because other people need to also be interested in working with us.

I think they would do this if they had more funding. Not sure if they have enough this year, but maybe next year.

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