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On July 6th, Peter Singer turns 70 years old!


At The Life You Can Save, we’re celebrating this momentous day by drawing attention to the lasting impact Peter Singer’s scholarship and advocacy has had on the lives of the global poor. In 1972, when he was just 26, Singer published his seminal essay Famine, Affluence, and Morality, which made the case for why the affluent should donate humanitarian aid to help the world’s most disenfranchised people—at rates much higher than what is usually expected by prevailing cultural norms.

Nearly 50 years later, the world has made tremendous strides in reducing global poverty, thanks in part to Singer’s groundbreaking work. In the last 20 years alone, the number of people living in extreme poverty has been halved, and millions of people have been able to attain a better standard of living.

We’re always working to find better and easier ways to help connect donors with high-impact opportunities to give. This year, we’ve partnered with Network for Good to make it easy to donate in Singer’s honor to one of the world’s best humanitarian charities.

Make a donation to The Life You Can Save to wish Peter Singer a happy 70th birthday today and leave a message on his public donation wall! Or make a donation in Peter’s honor to one or several of our 17 recommended charities.

Our recommended charities work in areas spanning maternal and women’s healthcare, hunger and nutrition, water and sanitation, malaria and disease prevention, childhood health, and education. Each of our 17 recommended charities has been vetted and approved by Singer with input from international development experts, so that you can be certain that your donation will have the maximum impact.

You can also make a donation in Peter Singer’s honor directly through our recommended charity Against Malaria Foundation. Your personalized birthday messaged will be sent directly to Peter Singer’s email on July 6th.

Please also take a moment to sign Peter Singer’s birthday e-card through our recommended charity Fistula Foundation, and consider making a donation in his honor!




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