This post will be most relevant to people with a UK address (regardless of age or citizenship), UK citizens who have previously lived in the UK or people who know people with a UK address that they could forward this to, as we are asking people to contact their MPs. However, others can also help with testing the site and giving feedback. 

A few of us have been working on a couple of months on a campaign to protect 0.7% of UK GNI as aid spending for people overseas affected by extreme poverty, disease, lack of access to services, war, climate change and natural disasters. (See Sanjay's posts here and here for more detail)

Our app, which will find your MP, and generate an email to send to them, is now ready at

The survey and email from the link above will only take about 2 minutes, but if this campaign is successful we could prevent around 100,000 deaths, prevent around 1 million girls from missing out on school, and prevent around 3 million people missing out on nutrition. (sources for these are this article

It would also be very helpful if you could:

  • Provide feedback using this form
  • Share on social media, Whatsapp, text or however you can reach people. 

    Thank you!




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Hi Natasha, I'm really glad you guys are working on this! Thanks for the time and effort you've put in so far.

I wondered if you've discussed things people can do other than emailing MPs - maybe donating to orgs advocating against this change, or getting together to write an op-ed with a public figure?

I bet many people reading this post live in more liberal/urban areas with MPs who are already likely to vote against this measure (e.g. I'm in an incredibly safe Labour seat). I'm also struck and dismayed by the data that a majority of voters from each UK party support cutting the aid budget. Makes me think that efforts to sway public opinion might be important, too.

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