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Applications are open for ML4Good UK’s March 2024 AI Alignment Bootcamp.

We are running an intensive ten-day bootcamp to provide upskilling in deep learning for individuals who are motivated to work on addressing the risks posed by advanced AI systems.

This bootcamp will fast-track your deep learning skills, inform you about the current landscape of AI Safety agendas, connect you with like-minded individuals for potential friendship and collaboration, and accelerate you towards taking concrete next steps to work impactfully in this field.

The bootcamp is aimed at people in the UK and nearby countries with relatively strong coding experience who hope to improve their machine learning skills and conceptual understanding in order to work on AI Safety projects and agendas. For further eligibility guidelines, see the course page linked above.

The bootcamp will take place from March 28th to April 7th in the UK.
The application deadline is January 21st, 2024.


The first part of the camp (7 days) aims to provide accelerated deep learning training, including projects like implementing ResNet from scratch and fine-tuning BERT for classification, alongside a conceptual curriculum.

The second part of the camp (3 days) is focused on the current AI safety literature covering topics such as interpretability of language models and the adversarial robustness of neural networks. In the final days, there will also be a focus on career planning and one-on-one mentoring to solidify next steps.


The camp will take place at a venue in the UK. The bootcamp is free - there is no fee for room, board, or tuition. We ask participants to pay for their own travel costs - however, if this is preventing you from attending there will be the option to apply for travel support. Contact us at uk@ml4good.org with any questions.

About ML4Good

The first ML4Good bootcamp took place in France in 2022 and has since expanded to Switzerland, Germany and now the UK. Additional countries are on the horizon as we work towards making these bootcamps easier to run, with more support for organisers.

Please use the interest form on our home page to be notified of future bootcamps and/or to express interest in a bootcamp to be hosted in your own country of residence.

--> Please find more information at www.ml4good.org




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