The Life You Can Save’s 2016 Annual Report is out!

Highlights of the year:

  • We moved $2.7 million to our Recommended Nonprofits in 2016, while spending ~$300,000 on our operating expenses. This means that for every $1 we spent, we raised about $9 for our Recommended Nonprofits.
  • Growth was strong in key metrics. Total Money Moved was up 72% relative to 2015, while our Net Impact (Money Moved net of expenses) increased by 86%.
  • We made significant progress in developing working relationships with value-aligned groups and individuals. These sorts of partnerships amplify our reach and expertise, and are an essential part of our plan to scale. To support our future growth, we made major enhancements to our infrastructure: we overhauled our donation process, codified and strengthened our charity selection process, and upgraded our donor stewardship process.

Full report:



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The Life You Can Save should become cause-neutral and recommend effective interventions that are from cause areas other than global poverty (e.g. animal welfare charities like The Humane League, or global catastrophic risk charities like The Ploughshares Fund).