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Request for Feedback: Easy Carbon Solutions

by danielle_thyme1 min read8th Jan 2020No comments



Hi everyone, a friend of mine has recently taken an interest in climate change and the most effective actions individuals can take to offset their personal emissions and/or shift society towards a less carbon intensive state. After doing a bunch of research (influenced by EA-aligned work such as the Founders Pledge report on the effectiveness of different mitigation strategies), she created this website late last year - https://easycarbonsolutions.com/ - designed to advise Australians on the most effective ways to use their resources/funds to reduce emissions. She'd really appreciate any constructive criticism from the community, if there are any of y'all that are particularly knowledgeable about emissions reductions and/or the Australian energy context. However, she does ask that you all be gentle - it's her first time doing anything like this! Thanks in advance! (If it helps, there's an extended justification for her recommendations in the "More Detail" section (click "More" on the top sidebar)

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