This post announces a new Facebook group: EAs from Immigrant Backgrounds.

This group is geared for any folks with immigrant backgrounds, particularly those who find themselves in high income countries with ties/backgrounds to low or middle income countries. This group was originally an idea by a CEA ally who noted that EAs who are first- or second-generation immigrants tend to have these experiences affect their experience in EA. Examples:

  • feeling conflicted about how much to donate vs. support family members who have financial need
  • pressure from family to pursue conventional success / high earnings, especially if parents sacrificed to make this possible
  • greater personal connection to some problems like global poverty

Whether or not these experiences apply to you, this place is meant as a supportive group for any other related questions. We welcome your posts, questions, and comments. Big thank you to Shannon from co-moderating. We're also looking for 1-2 co-moderators!

Note: The views above belong solely to the authors and do not represent those of the U.S. government or any institution(s) we may represent.




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