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a woman going to therapy to talk about her issues. she says ... and I hope I get the accent right ... I'm worried I'll forget to put my phone to charge before bed.

This post comes after A 28-second Tip On How To Get Stuff Done, but you totally don't need to read that first.


This article is not up to my usual standards. I would've put this as a quick take, but the format of a quick take is a bit wonky for this article.

TIP 1:

Realize that the sooner you finish your task, the more time you spend not feeling guilty about it and (usually)the same amount of time doing it.

TIP 2:

Write down what you have to do somewhere, such as the notes app, reminders app, or something else. This will help lower the number of things you forget to do.

A 28-second Tip On How To Get Stuff Done




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