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This post comes before (2 Other tips on how to get things done (effectivealtruism.org)), but you totally don't need to read that one first.


This article is not up to my usual standards. I would've put this as a quick take, but the format for a post meets the needs of this quick take better.

Remember that:

  1.  Doing nothing won't help you get the things you want to get done, done.
  2. Doing them, or learning how to do them, will. 

(Unless you need something else to happen first, like if you need a response to a question regarding your project before starting the project.)

A common pitfall with this method is to think that something else (a) needs to happen before you can complete the thing you want to get done (b) when it really doesn't.

To prevent this, you can:

  1. Imagine that that something(a) was done. Does that change things, and can that change be made without (a) in an easier way?
  2. Imagine trying to get done (b) without (a).  How would that be different?

2 Other tips on how to get things done (effectivealtruism.org)

if you have any better way of phrasing this or have any questions, please tell me in the comments.




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