Effective Animal Advocacy (EAA) Community Directory Relaunch

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Note: I'm posting here to help anyone interested in Effective Animal Advocacy find this resource and also to nudge people that know about it but haven't joined it to do so.

The Effective Animal Advocacy Community Directory has recently been relaunched. Jamie Harris created the directory in 2019, and over 160 people all around the world are part of it already.

We want people interested in Effective Animal Advocacy to stay connected with the EAA community. The directory has mostly been filled out so far by people who work full-time in animal advocacy or effective altruism organisations, but there's no reason it should be limited to such people. If you are/or know someone interested in effective animal advocacy and hope to contribute substantially somehow, be it through donations, volunteering, your career, or otherwise, then this directory is intended for you/them!

The directory includes:

  • Contact information/profiles from 160+ EAA community members
  • A community calendar
  • A curated list of EAA resources (podcasts, newsletters, reading lists, etc.)
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