Robert is 800 years old, he came from the first generation of humans who figured out how to extend the human lifespan, he is in the top 5% of oldest humans alive. Robert is about to have his 3rd kid. He was never a huge kid guy, all the way up to his 600’s he never had a single child. He explored the entire earth, traveled to every hotspot there was to see, and eventually had his first child. This changed Roberts's viewpoint on the world entirely. While Robert knew there were so many more things to do, once he finished traveling the world he thought nothing would be the same as coming across as a new place. But Roberts's first son blew open his perspective. He never knew he could feel such strong emotions or love towards something, or someone as his kid, Richie showed him. And so for the first 40 years of his son's life he watched and waited, oftentimes pissed off that he was not able to interact directly with his son yet. There were of course the few times, Robert was able to make an impact on Riche’s life.

The creators of the upbringing process knew even their most advanced AI counterparts could still not fully grasp the true experience of being a conscious human being and so in in his son’s deepest times of need. Robert was able to show support, in the smallest of forms. Whether it was when Richie's biological mother passed away, and as Richie wept, a faint blue butterfly, his moms favorite color, came and landed on his finger, waiting, watching, as if to show everything was going to be ok. You see, Richard is not supposed to be able to interact with the upbringing process of his Child’s life at all, but to garner powerful connections, and feelings of hope. Small acts at just the right time are able to be chosen by the true genetic parent. So when the curtain is drawn, they'll know and understand that they were watching, they wanted to help, their love is there, and the reason for the upbringing process will be revealed to the new conscious beings so they understand why they had to go through it.

Now what is this process, and why did humanity need to take such measures to bring their new borns through it in the first place? Lets go back to when Robert he had just turned 150.

At this time, the world was looking up, artificial intelligence had made most human jobs entirely pointless. And with so much extra value being produced and created, all humans were given a chance at living with real freedom, no one had financial stress anymore. Anything an average person wanted to do, they were able to with their daily stimulus check. The extra funds some people acquired became for show, bonus points if you will. Status points you could choose to care about or not like the show “Whose line is it anyway?”

There just wasn't that much extra you could do, everyone's free daily limit gave them access to more food they they could possibly eat, travel capabilities to anywhere in the world. And when it came to things, people didnt really own all that much anymore not. The freedom of knowing that you can buy an indispensable amount of goods daily took away peoples need to hoard. Now, there were people that tried, but there was a department that handled those cases effectively.  People were really grateful for the way things turned out.

(If I get positive reinforcement, I’ll continue this piece. It’s going to be a narrative representation of the Galactic Preschool Theory, like the plot of a White Mirror episode.)





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