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Authored by Milky Eggs, this is by and large a compilation of known information from public & private sources that tries to organize it into something resembling a patchwork narrative with enough coherence to explain FTX & Alameda's huge losses.

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"SBF is an idiot because he's bad at League of Legends" is the wildest argument I've seen in a while.

This comment and the associated discussion in the linked post, have inspired me to write a post on this specific subtopic.

Thanks for linking a well-researched piece! The piece tries to piece together a coherent attribution for Alameda’s catastrophic losses, but in doing so, it makes broad conjectures which aren’t necessarily justified given the state of publicly available knowledge. The piece does aggregate public knowledge quite well, and I’d recommend it for anyone who’d like to learn more about the FTX/Alameda tragedy, provided it be read carefully and dispassionately.

Thanks, excellent (though very speculative) read.

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