I (Elizabeth Cox) recently founded Should We Studio and wanted to share the first roles I'm hiring for. 

Should We Studio is an independent video production company focused entirely on projects that will raise awareness of the most important issues facing humanity–especially those that aren’t getting enough attention.

To do that, we’re placing as much emphasis on great storytelling and design as on intellectual rigor and journalistic integrity. Every video we make, we’ll craft to motivate someone who’s never even heard of the subject to learn more. While we’ll be strict in focus, we’ll be flexible in form, creating characters, worlds, and stories that explore consequential topics with exuberance. 

Our goal is to expand the frame of reference for anyone who might consider devoting their education, career, time, or money to improving our collective present and future. 

I know that description is very high level, so if you're interested in applying to one of the positions below but want to understand a bit more about the approach, please get in touch via info@shouldwestudio.com and I'm happy to discuss. 

  • Animation Director (full-time, min comp $110,000/year)
    • Our immediate focus will be on short-form, 2D animated content, though a broader skill set is always a plus. A strong candidate will likely have 5+ years of experience creating and directing 2D animation professionally. This could be a good fit for someone who's a relatively accomplished freelance/independent filmmaker looking for a full time gig that still has a lot of creative freedom, or a mid-level employee at a smallish studio looking for more responsibility and decision-making power. That said, the exact number of years or context of prior work is less important than versatility of style and medium, enthusiasm for trying new techniques and approaches, and ability to take a hands-on role at any stage of the production pipeline.
  • Production Manager  (full-time, min comp $80,000/year)
    • The Production Manager will be responsible for building, optimizing, and maintaining our content and digital asset management systems from the ground up. The ideal candidate is a proactive problem solver with a detailed understanding of the production pipeline, who is able to anticipate and meet a range of needs. This is a great role for someone who is excited to try on many hats, including some unglamorous ones, and there’s an opportunity to evolve the role to include other aspects of operations and business development over time. A strong candidate will likely have 3+ years of experience working in video production (ideally in animation) at a studio, agency, or comparable professional environment.
  • Research Assistant (10-20 hours/week, $30/hour)
    • This role is a great fit for someone with a research background (in either an educational or professional context–current students are welcome to apply) who is at least somewhat engaged with effective altruism and wants to learn more about video production or is considering a career in media. They'll conduct a variety of research tasks as needed to support the script writing process. The most important qualities are a no-stone-unturned spirit of inquiry, wide-ranging curiosity, and strong organization and communication skills.

All roles are remote, starting as soon as possible. Full descriptions and applications forms here. If you're excited about the work but none of the open positions are the right fit, there's a general (and very brief) application form on the hiring page as well and I'd be happy to hear from you!





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If you share info about this project elsewhere, I'd recommend mentioning your background with TED-Ed! I thought the videos linked from the SWS website were great, and people might be more interested in checking out the open roles if they know more about who they'll work with before they click through to the site.