Tobias Baumann's first-of-its-kind introduction to s-risks, Avoiding the Worst: How to Prevent a Moral Catastrophe is now available to listen to for free.

Professionally narrated by Adrian Nelson, the full audiobook is out now on Audible and other audiobook stores. Additionally, a captioned video can be listened to for free on the CRS YouTube channel.

Running at just 2 hours and 40 minutes, the audiobook packs in a comprehensive introduction to the topic, explaining what s-risks are, whether we should focus on them, and what we can do now to reduce the likelihood of s-risks occurring.

The eBook is also available in various formats, or you can read a PDF version.




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Well done on this! Next time you make a YouTube video like this it might be worth using GPT + Midjourney to:

1. Summarise paragraphs into prompts (GPT)
2. Put prompts into Midjourney
3. Align images to video copy

(H/T @Greg_Colbourn )

Thanks! Sounds like an interesting idea - out of interest do you have any examples of other videos that have been created following this process? Will definitely experiment with it!

I don't unfortunately, but I think it would be easy to do with Powtoon.

HMU on email if you'd like to chat further (happy to throw around some ideas):

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