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Starting now! Animal Charity Evaluators is holding an AMA on our Movement Grants!

The AMA is your chance to ask our team about what projects we’re likely to fund, the application process, how to make a good application, and anything else about the program. Applications close March 17, 11:59 PM PT.

Our team members answering questions are:

  • Eleanor McAree, Movement Grants Manager
  • Elisabeth Ormandy, Programs Director
  • Holly Baines, Communications Manager

How to participate? Go to the FAST Forum (make sure you have an account) and ask a question. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Movement Grants is ACE’s strategic grantmaking program dedicated to building and strengthening the animal advocacy movement. For a limited time, you can DOUBLE your donation to ACE's Movement Grants! By donating to this program, you are investing in the expansion of a broader advocacy movement and a brighter future for animal welfare. 

Thank you!




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