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Deadline to Apply: Monday 21st November 23:59 GMT

We're excited to say that EAGxCambridge will be happening from 17-19th March 2023, and we're currently looking to hire for our core organising team.

We think you could be a great fit if:

  1. You are very familiar with EA and want to engage more.
  2. You have experience organising events (for example, running a society at university, or you already work in operations).
  3. You want to test your fit for operations and events.
  4. You are organised, a keen problem solver, and a strong communicator.
  5. You can commit around 20 hours per week in the months leading up to the conference and work full-time for several weeks before the event.

The current team consists of Harriet Patterson and Ray Amjad, and we’re looking for up to four people to join us. We are open to candidates in any time zone, though they would need to be in person in Cambridge, UK, for around two weeks before the event and the event itself. This work is compensated at the CEA standard contractor rate of £27/hour ($38/hour). After the initial application, we would like to interview candidates in the next stage.

Please fill in this application form if you're interested in applying; the deadline for applications is Monday 21st November.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Harriet or Ray at cambridge@eaglobalx.org. We are excited to receive your applications!

Note that by Cambridge, we mean Cambridge, UK.




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