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Last night Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres posted on Twitter about: "urgent dramatic radical climate action"

But he forgot to mention what is actually required? Climate change: coordination problem, not a technical problem. I much prefer leadership with vision:

⛔️ Not saying: “do something”

✅ Instead: “here is the plan”

So here is the plan: https://mirror.xyz/0x315f80C7cAaCBE7Fb1c14E65A634db89A33A9637/SJkyOyJt4bceRMvEUkB54Ox3Gd1YvhV43MASMsnzZn8

There are 10 points and Google Form where you can rate each of them on the scale 0-10

You can also add your signature in order to gain visibility. Just me: crazy dude. Together: different game.




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It makes me genuinely curious why I'm receiving negative votes.

I understand that my perspective is limited. I would like to broaden my perspective. -1 or -2 is not a very telling signal.

Is it because of the content?

Is it because of the form factor?

This was a linkpost - linking to the blog (blockchain based publishing platform, less likely to be cancelled)

I genuinely believe that ENDING WAR would be in the best interest of humanity and the strategy of claiming mental health issue, disputed land in international jurisdiction, potentially even "breadbasket for the world" due to fertile soil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernozem

I notice a pattern, often my proposals / ideas / suggestions are downvoted, for example here: https://earthscience.stackexchange.com/a/24170/14546

Another project that was in the planning phase 100 years ago. I know it is big, I know many things would need to align, I know there is no obvious financing model but I really hope to inspire and showcase ideas that are outside of the mainstream.

In this particular example - I genuinely feel EA is biased towards easily quantifiable projects. Building "Great African Railway" has so many 2nd 3rd 4th order effects - difficult task to quantify. I also described some other impactful projects that make intuitive sense but not instantly obvious how to measure impact.

Overall - I would love to receive feedback (why downvotes) and connect with others who think similar. Big impactful projects, not just spreadsheets and numbers.

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