Expanding Our Compassion: More to explore

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Moral circle expansion

More to explore

  • All Animals Are Equal
    • The opening chapter of Animal Liberation (1975), widely regarded as the founding text of the animal rights movement. (25 mins.)
  • Practical ethics given moral uncertainty
    • Will MacAskill presents a framework for making decisions under moral uncertainty. (5 mins.)
  • Dominion
    • Dominion uses drones and hidden cameras to expose the dark side of modern animal agriculture. (Film - 2 hours)
  • Social Movement Lessons From the British Antislavery Movement
    • This report aims to assess (1) what factors led the British government to abolish the transatlantic Slave trade in 1807 and then human chattel slavery in 1833, and (2) what those findings suggest about how modern social movements should strategize. (2.5 hours)
  • The Importance of Wild Animal Suffering
    • An argument for us to consider the well-being of animals that live in the wild. (40 mins.)
  • The wild frontier of animal welfare
    • A profile of Wild Animal Initiative, which does research on ways we could reduce the suffering of wild animals. (25 mins.)
  • The Narrowing Circle (see here for summary and discussion)
    • An argument that the “expanding circle” historical thesis ignores instances in which modern ethics narrowed the set of beings to be morally regarded, often backing its exclusion by asserting their non-existence. (30 mins.)
  • 2017 Report on Consciousness and Moral Patienthood
    • An investigation into what types of beings merit moral concern. (6 hours, can be skimmed)
  • The Subjection of Women
    • An essay published in 1869 by John Stuart Mill (with assistance from Harriet Taylor Mill), arguing for equality between men and women. (10 mins.)
  • The Better Angels of Our Nature
    • Illustrates why we live in the most peaceful time ever in history, by looking at what motivates us to behave violently, how these motivators are outweighed by our tendencies towards a peaceful life and which major shifts in history caused this global reduction in violence. (Book)
  • Food Impacts
    • A tool that shows the effects of diet changes on animal welfare.
    • See also ethical.diet, which offers different features (but hasn't been updated with new data since 2017).


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