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I am looking for practical steps to become more cause-neutral in cause selection for charitable giving, and for methods to guide others on how to do the same.

I am interested in this both as someone who wants to minimize his own bias and also as a leader of an EA student and facebook group. We would like to do a workshop (between 1-2 hours) where we overview the key concepts of cause-neutrality and try to vet our own beliefs/assumptions. Our problem is we do not know how to do this in an engaging and interactive way. My current thinking is we could open with a quiz, such as The High-Impact Network's quiz on charitable effectiveness.

We think a workshop could be worthwhile because cause-neutrality is core to EA and biases are rarely explicitly addressed. Personally, I'm sure I still have biases towards some causes (such as human health and animal welfare) and against other causes (such as AI and other long-term causes).

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful comments and advice.




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