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Part-time; Blackpool, UK. To start late September.

Looking for a high-impact job in operations?

We are looking for a dynamic, adaptable, highly organised and conscientious generalist with high agency, to take on the challenge of maintaining our operations at CEEALAR (affectionately called the EA Hotel).

We are a charity supporting EAs developing high impact careers through self-directed education and research. We provide individuals with accommodation and food, along with a community of their peers, while they upskill towards professional roles or further study programmes.

Our grantees often end up working in fields such as AI Safety, existential risk research, EA community building, charity entrepreneurship, and many more. We have a constantly growing community of alumni and we are currently expanding our community framework to keep in touch with and support them as they continue on their journeys.

What you’ll do

While you will be part of a small team, this remains a very self-directed role. The trustees will be at your disposal for advice and any support we can provide, but we all live elsewhere – so you’ll need a high level of autonomous dedication to the continuing success and development of the project.

You will ideally thrive in situations where you have many competing priorities on your time – ‘herd of cats’ doesn’t begin to describe a hotel full of effective altruists!


  • Ensuring guests have an enjoyable and productive stay at CEEALAR – processing applications, welcoming guests, 1:1 guest check ins 
  • Ensuring the building is safe and comfortable – calling and overseeing maintenance contractors, overseeing health and safety systems, ensuring adherence to all regulations
  • Improving the hotel – project management of one-off initiatives, e.g. hosting retreats, website improvements
  • Supervising part time staff, alongside the other Operations Managers
  • Contributing to fundraising, impact measurement and team development efforts
  • Daily hands-on tasks such as cleaning and foods shops
  • Ad hoc tasks as required (can be outsourced). This is an unusual role with a lot of facets, so prioritising among and figuring out how to do many tasks that aren’t on this list will be a big part of it.

We understand that moving to Blackpool can be a big change, but our centre is a diverse and lively place focused on both individual growth and solving pressing global problems. You can take a peek at your future coworkers and their projects, and find out more about CEEALAR, at https://ceealar.org

Person specification

  • Committed to CEEALAR’s mission and EA generally 
  • Strong interpersonal skills 
  • Patient and determined 
  • Attentive to detail
  • Adaptable – able to juggle multiple priorities and solve problems
  • Able to work autonomously 

This position does not require any specific experience or qualifications, but knowing how to get things done is a must! Prior experience with any of the following would be a nonessential bonus: 

  • building maintenance/renovation/DIY 
  • an operations related role in a start-up 
  • business administration 
  • hospitality
  • the Effective Altruism movement
  • community building and management 
  • website development 

The ideal candidate will be service oriented, and excited to help forward the missions of our grantees. You’ll be living with the people in the hotel, so while you needn’t be a social butterfly (and should feel comfortable with taking alone time and setting boundaries when you need them), you should feel comfortable with regular social interactions.

Compensation and benefits

You will benefit from free vegan food and accommodation* (a room with an en-suite bathroom), and earn a starting salary of £20,000 – £25,000 per year, depending on experience, to scale upward with the expansion of the project. This is a part time role: 25 hours a week across 4 days with 5.6 weeks paid holiday. We also offer a budget of £500 every 6 months for equipment and training for staff. 

Application process

Our application process is quick:

  1. Fill in this short form. Deadline 16th August (end of the day in your own timezone).
  2. Interview with our team via video call
  3. A 3 month paid work trial / probationary period on site.

*worth £6,000+/year.






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